On recovery


Miranda pointed me at an adorable lawn gnome story from this week’s Seattle Weekly. Thanks!

On the health front, it’s been ten days and the sickness is almost gone. Only the occasional cough, or a brief twinge of muscle pain as I shift my body (yes, even that is going away!), are left to remind me of last week’s misery. I may even be able to sing by Saturday, which would be a blessed relief.

A high point, in spite of the bug, was last Thursday’s dinner outing to Shiki, in Lower Queen Anne. Homestyle Japanese cooking, and sushi to die for. Particular standouts include raw oysters on the half shell, heavenly with ponzu sauce; toro nigiri, the marbled pink slabs of tuna belly dissolving in the mouth with a sublime, smoky flavor; agedashi tofu, perhaps not as sophisticated but perfect for my ailing palate. All this with my taste buds running only at half-strength — o bitter fate! — but really, it was that good.

Alas, missing days of work coupled with lowered productivity afterwards has led to some long nights. But I’m going home now! Good night.

  • It is a state felony to injure or steal a cactus. Don't go messing with the Saguaro. Or the cholla. Or ANYTHING around here that you might find in the Tonto National Forest.

  • You know what else has the consistency of snot? Cactus.


  • Jet

    Dude! Lawn gnome!

  • One additional Shiki note that doesn't quite make the "greatest hits" list-- the maguro yamakake is a dish made of raw tuna and mountain potato/wasabi puree that has the exact consistency of (not exaggerating at all) snot. Snot that tasted overwhelmingly of wasabi.

    Let me tell you, putting more mucous in one's body when one is already congested and sniffly is not high up on the list of must-do life experiences. So this one gets a pass until I can re-attempt in good health.

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