Operation void that warranty


Today’s main event (besides watching the Yankees go down in glorious, glorious flames): three-plus hours of surgery on a broken Playstation 2. Once upon a time, this is the kind of thing I envisioned doing for my entire life. In fact, I started college with dreams of building bridges, televisions, airplanes. Only when I realized I was more interested in taking things apart than building them (specialty: making useless things into messy, useless things) did I do a 360 on my field of study.

Anyways, this isn’t really a story about taking apart a game console. It’s more about conditioning. Consider, for example, the big sticker over the seam in the case that declares, “BREAKING THIS SEAL WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY BLAH BLAH BLAH.” Standard scare stuff. Only, this thing is someone else’s refuse. Saved off the trash heap, right? I mean, even if it did happen to be under warranty, I wouldn’t have any knowledge of it. I certainly don’t have any documentation either way. But I still spent a half hour trying to figure out a way to open the case without breaking the sticker. Didn’t find one.

I’m the person disclaimer stickers are written for. The reason that “No trespassing” and “Danger High Voltage” signs exist — ‘cause you know, wow, I’m convinced! Good enough for me! And I rarely, if ever, hit the jackpot, or make the squad, or win the trophy, or, or, end up with a working Playstation 2. Only this time, I did!

Food for thought. In the meantime, bring on the DDR!

  • russ

    dude you can take that sticker off. me and my friend were figuring it out and if u put the sticker up to the light u can see that the "VOID" is see through.. simply take a permanent black marker and color it entirely. TA DA! now stick it on and u cant even tell. so take that POS playstation apart and do wat u want with it!

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