Frozen moments

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  • After the blast of lightning from the east,

    The flourish of loud clouds, the Chariot Throne;

    After the drums of time have rolled and ceased,

    And by the bronze west long retreat is blown,

    Shall Life renew these bodies? Of a truth,

    All death will he annul, all tears assuage? -

    Or fill these void veins full again with youth,

    And wash, with an immortal water, age?

    When I do ask white Age, he saith not so:

    'My head hangs weighed with snow.'

    And when I hearken to the Earth, she saith:

    'My fiery heart shrinks, aching. It is death.

    Mine ancient scars shall not be glorified,

    Nor my titanic tears, the seas, be dried.'

    - Wilfred Owen, "The End"

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