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Last night I saw Soul Survivors, a DVD Klar picked up pre-viewed at Blockbuster (with this useful, reusable justification: “It’s not any more than paying for a movie ticket”). I knew I was in trouble at the trailer’s opening crawl:

From the producers of

Is it just me, or have mainstream directors forgotten how to make a good, scary film? None of the recent pack of teen-idol slasher/supernatural horror flicks have made me the slightest bit uneasy about turning off the light to go to sleep. Hannibal sent no shivers down the spine, no matter how much it revelled in being explicitly gory. Soul Survivors was just messy: messy script, messy directing, messy everything. A scary movie should make you too jittery to leave to use the bathroom, no matter how desperate the need!

What were the last few films that genuinely spooked me? Hmm. Stir of Echoes, probably. Before that, The Ring Virus. A couple of really good flicks by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Cure and Seance. And then The Sixth Sense, the movie that got me back into watching scary movies again in the first place.

Oh, and Scott’s latest entry, that’s succeeded pretty well at freaking me out.

Someone out there, recommend me a good, recent, scary movie. Something you’re willing to watch with me, though! Because I’m a giant wuss if it’s really scary.

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  • yukino

    Thank to Eglantine for recommending Donnie Darko. Whatta find!

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