Comfort food.


As if everything else in the past week wasn’t enough, I started to feel sick at work yesterday. It was a very indecisive kind of sickness, seemingly unsure whether to settle in my stomach or my head, but the fact that it never took full root didn’t make it any less disconcerting or miserable. By seven o’clock I was utterly useless and called lish to cancel my attendance at this evening’s festivities.

Was getting pretty hungry right about then, with one caveat. Whatever was ailing me didn’t have any affect on the amount of my appetite, but it did polarize it strangely. For some reason, though I hadn’t had it in years, I developed a powerful craving for ddeok-mandu-guk, a Korean soup which I hear is firmly in the comfort-food category. Of course, I had no idea where I could get it nearby.

God bless the internet! Ten minutes and a lot of menu googling later (by the way, let me just say right here that the art of transliteration makes these things exceedingly difficult), I made my way to to Seoul Olympic in Bellevue to get my lovely bowl of happiness. Service was slow, but the food was right on the money.

And — surprise! — everything since has seemed a lot happier. Maybe I should start a website where people can list their favorite comfort food restaurants from all sorts of cuisines. Perhaps it could be my lasting legacy to the world.

By the way, I have new tires. So expensive, but definitely a good thing. And the lawn people came by today to aerate and reseed the lawn. Also good. Best of all, B.’s arrival (for a 10-day visit) is now T minus three hours thirty-three minutes. Yay!

Blog update: kakumei has a blog. Louis has a blog. Robin has a blog. Chris has a blog.

Yay Bollywood! There’s a new Bollywood cinema in Seattle! Well, relatively new. The old Totem Lake movie house has been rented out by the folks who used to run the Roxy in Renton and now shows Hindi, Telugu and Tamil films on a regular basis. I found out about this last week, but it’s now it’s been written up in the Seattle Times

I’m currently watching an E! True Hollywood Story episode about Wayne Newton. The commercial that’s on right now is using “Danke Schoen” as background music. Bizarre.

  • I guess I was sort of in comfort food mode this week. I went with tried & true (mandu & bulgogi) instead of progressing on with my cooking adventures because it had just been that long since I'd had either of them, and I had that craving for familiar dishes that reminded me of home.

  • That's how I felt this morning. I went to Saigon Pearl and had Vietnamese iced coffee and shrimp stir-fry. It made me a happy, happy camper.

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