The problem with being the “one who always plans things” is that somehow I still get blamed even when someone else does the planning, and things go wrong. Just because it’s natural to assume that I had a hand in it.

Fine, you say. You should at least have prevented it from happening; you were in a position to intercede.

To this I say: Why? Sure, I felt bad about it, but it wasn’t my plan. And why can’t I just go with the flow for once? Look, it’s not like my week hasn’t been any less crappy than anyone else’s. I didn’t have the energy to want to fight or deal with it anymore.

So go ahead. Be as angry as you want about it. Blame me for everything. But you’re not going to ruin the rest of the day or week by guilt-tripping me. Not when it was the only bright fucking spot in an otherwise shitty couple of days. At the very least, don’t single me out. Remember: it wasn’t even my plan.

Argh. Too late. Already ruined.

  • For a rant, this was shockingly clear-headed. My rants generally have next to nothing to do with reality. I think you've got a right to be pissed, and a right to vent, without having to sweat it that you're "overreacting".

    D'you feel better now?

  • Ilea

    Well you know, that is why I have my good friend, Mr. Crowbar.

    Do you want me to come out there and rotate someone's tires (as it were...)

  • Chill out.

    Have some dip.

  • My bad. I shouldn't have let it get that way. :|

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