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No more half-hearted redesign attempts! Sometimes you just have to blow everything away in order to see things from a new perspective. Please let me know if the new look tickles your fancy or stimulates your gag reflex (or if it’s just plain broken — I’ve only tested it with IE [6.0], Mozilla [1.0] and lynx).

Eventually I’ll put something in the “icon” area (that circular thing to the left) but I couldn’t think of anything creative today. And hold your horses, there may actually be content on the horizon, too.

  • yukino

    Yes, indeed. Ruby Beach, WA -- the most beautiful place on Earth.

  • mickey

    ruby beach?

    (sweet redesign btw)

  • Oooo. Spiff!

  • I liked it before, but I like it MUCH better now. It sure is purty. But - why are you yukino now instead of satori? And what do they mean, anyway?

  • Wow, that was a quick response! ^_^;

    Yes, IE doesn't seem to do well with vertical cell size specifications. I ended up "cheating" by making the big column on the left a single cell that held a shorter table with the graphic elements. Stupid IE.

  • Nina

    Forget it, it's fixed now(?! ... I have a sneaking suspicion you are editing the HTML as I read this!)

  • Nina

    Redesign looks awesome!! So much more like what I think of as your aesthetic! The only unsettling thing is that on my machine there's a gap between ui-img-icontop.gif and ui-img-iconbottom.gif... I'm running IE 6.0. Your HTML looks good so my guess is it's an IE bug. Maybe forcing the TD containing iconbottom.gif to be align=top would help? Also, I think it would be great if there were some Korean on the page. Oddly enough, I have been very pro-Korea ever since last Thursday...

  • Jet

    I like it. And I know where that is in the picture!

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