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Saw three at SIFF today, pretty much using up the entire day (and which involved lots of sitting in traffic, standing in line, etc.). Here’s a mini-report!

Pistol Opera - Seijun Suzuki’s “sequel” (35 years later) of his classic Branded to Kill. Was possibly the most confusing movie I’ve ever seen, though certainly beautiful to look at. It had all of the eccentricities of the earlier film, without any of the coherence, and was shot in brilliant technicolor (Branded was black and white). A nice performance from ESUMI Makiko as the hardboiled assassin-protagonist chica. (5/10)

Monkey Love - an indie romantic comedy, shot in digital. The projection left a little to be desired, with blocky, low resolution NTSC (converted from a PAL master), but after awhile it was easy to tune it out and just enjoy the story. Well-acted, well-written, and very entertaining. matter eater lad, Valerie and Klar all agreed. Afterwards, there was a short Q&A with some of the cast and crew. Particuarly liked Jeremy Renner, whose most significant previous role was Jeffrey Dahmer — go figure! I love SIFF. (8/10)

Hi, Dharma - A fun, fun fish-out-of-water comedy from South Korea, involving a group of gangsters who hide out in a mountain monastery. Most of the film deals with the friction between the monks and the hoodlums, both groups having a hard time dealing with the situation they’ve fallen into. A good natured, hilarious flick (with some action thrown in too). (8/10)

No more movies until Friday. Phew!

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