Of OpenID and tooldom

I’ve been dreaming of many wild and colorful things, but always of not-quite-there, too late, too short, too tired, too young — but at least I’m not constantly dreaming of final exams anymore. I mean, seriously, it’s been eight years since I graduated from any type of school. Get over it already!

The bar in my dreams seemed to be serving Ocean Spray sangria, so it’s just as well I couldn’t reach.

Speaking of cameraphones: anyone who knows me at all realizes I’m all about tiny & cute, but it’s hard to deny the appeal of this thing. I think it’s from all my lawyer friends whipping out BlackBerries all the time, or maybe it’s just about blogging from a cell phone — but is it worth the cost of looking like a gigantic tool? Help me!

Mark Paschal has released a beta version of OpenID Comments for MT 1.3, which fixes the long sign-in problem, so feel free to sign in with your LiveJournal or OpenID username to comment if you want. Yay!

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