Vanilla Ice KitKats


Vanilla Ice KitKats

Nestle’s back with a brand new invention. Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know. I… Uh, I’ll stop now. Promise that won’t happen again.

The bag (which contains 13 minis again! Yay!) features a picture of a vanilla ice cream cone, and that’s pretty much what the idea here is. Instead of wafers or cookies you get a filling of “crushed sugar cone,” and vanilla white chocolate coating. It’s somewhat over-sweet and one-note, and I’ve never really been a fan of sugar cones, so you can imagine my initial reaction. But wait — what’s this on the packaging?

“Delicious when frozen!”

Well! That’s a neat gimmick, and I can’t say it’s not a good one. Like most frozen desserts, the sweetness is cut somewhat by the temperature, and the softly brittle texture of frozen chocolate is a nice change. And on a warm summer’s day, refreshing as well.

Still, it’s doesn’t end up any less one-note, and the best takeaway from this experiment is that better flavors will probably benefit more from being frozen.

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