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The February ’11 KitKat Report

Well! I almost forgot I had this sitting here. I guess an intense period of forced creativity can lead to a massive correction — since Thirty Pages ended I haven’t even felt a twinge to create anything, which has been both a relief and completely depressing.

But you’re here for the KitKats, and I have them. So!


Cola / Lemon Squash KitKats

Unusually, rather than four bars of a single flavor these came as two bars each of two different flavors. The box says “Which will you eat?” so maybe this is a his-and-hers kind of situation?

The cola KitKats are a prune-ish off-purple and give off a distinct smell of cola. In fact, the flavor is pretty much exactly like Coca-Cola, down to the slight fizzy sensation coming off the cream filling. There’s a nice lemony aftertaste, but overall the effect is not unlike “chocolate soda” or Survivor: Redemption Island: no matter how genuine it might taste something is just off. A novelty, but easy to forget.

The lemon squash, on the other hand, is definitely the “hers” candidate. Not as cloyingly sweet as the Valentine’s Lemon, it reminded me a lot of a Schweppe’s Bitter Lemon soda, which I like but haven’t had in ages. Citrus chocolates haven’t really ever been my thing, but I enjoyed these.


Cheese Petit KitKats

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, and as far as I can tell online, you’ll either love these or hate these. Personally, I’m all about love! But I’m the one with the esoteric KitKat blog, so… grain of salt and everything.

There are ten petit bars inside each attractively illustrated box (which are identical in form factor to the special edition strawberry and blueberry cheesecake KitKats from 2009). Each is individually wrapped and about an inch and a half long.

The first thing one notices on opening the wrapper is the slightly pungent, cheesy aroma coming off the bar. This is where we lose the first lot of you. The color is pale yellow, which doesn’t look at all appetizing next to the rich golden wheel of cheese on the box — a few more get off the bus here. Finally the flavor: the white chocolate exterior contains “cheese powder” and “cheese paste” according to the helpful diagram on the back of the box, and there’s definitely a generic cheddar-ish tang present. No fooling, it’s cheese, but overall, a nice balance of creamy, salty & sweet. The filling, on the other hand, is on the sweet side so it’s still clearly on the candy side of the fence, but those of you who appreciate salt caramel or more pungent cheesecakes might find these pretty appealing.

Miss me? I miss you!

More Japanese KitKats.

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