I can’t sleep. It’s half a matter of stomach problems, but the upshot is that I’ve basically screwed up my sleep schedule in a huge way. A straight week of working until 4 a.m. every night will do that.

On the other hand, it’s good to be home. There’s a huge difference between not being able to sleep but with a comfy bed nearby and being stuck in an office with nothing but carpet nearby if you collapse. Also, the TiVo recorded The Music Man, so not everything is bleak!

Every Thursday I try to eat at a new restaurant, though this may have to end very soon. For now the tradition continues. Last night the usual suspects gathered at Bizarro Italian Cafe, a kitschy but appealing eatery in Wallingford, which I can say is a definite recommendation. Food was up to expectations, and they served nummy bread from Macrina too (swoon). I had Chicken & Prosciutto, v. heavy on parsley. Yum!

Brain’s stopped working, so unless I think of something actually interesting to write, I’ll call it a night.

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